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Transition from 457 visa to TSS, “one onshore renewal” rule (limit on two visas)

Understanding the transition from subclass 457 visa to TSS

457 visa to TSS
457 visa to TSS

The ‘one onshore renewal’ rule included in the Government’s April 2017 announcement, applies to TSS visas in the short-term (ST) stream only – it does not apply to existing subclass 457 visa holders who are seeking their first TSS visa. That is, this new rule will only impact them if:

  • they have previously been granted two or more TSS (ST) visas
  • their previous TSS (ST) visa was applied for onshore and
  • they apply for another TSS (ST) visa.

In other words, a visa holder transitioning from a current 457 visa to a TSS visa, will still be eligible to apply for a second TSS visa onshore.

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