Australian Visas

If you want to enter Australia, and you are not an Australian citizen, you will need to get a valid Australian visa.

The first step in getting a valid Australian visa is to lodge a valid visa application.

Why is it So Important to Lodge a Valid Visa Application?

Only valid applications can be considered and decided.

Invalid applications will be returned to you without consideration.

If your visa application has been found to be invalid, under s338 of the Migration Act 1958 you have no right of appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. In this case you can only consider the right of appeal to the Federal Courts.

What is Important to Know about Australian Visa Application?

Each visa application has to meet not only Schedule 1 of the Migration Regulations 1994 requirements, but also Schedule 2 criteria which are often divided into ‘time of application’ and ‘time of decision’ criteria, primary and secondary criteria.

If you do not meet all applicable requirements and criteria, your visa application will be refused on that ground.

Eligibility to Apply for a Visa or to Sponsor – Conditions and Limitations

To be eligible to apply for a visa or to sponsor somebody to apply for a visa means there should be no restrictive conditions or limitations on your right to apply or to sponsor.

If there is a condition or limitation which prevents you from applying for a visa or sponsoring, do not be discouraged, there can be a waiver available. Give us a call on 0490 306 632 or contact via email and we will advise if there is a waiver available.

How We Can Help

With our experience and dedicated approach we will ensure that your visa application will be prepared in the best possible way to maximise your chances for a positive outcome.

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