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Migration Agent Reviews


‘I would like to provide this testimonial in regards to my citizenship application prepared and lodged by Olena Yaremchuk. My case was not straightforward and required a deep expertise in the field. I was impressed on how competently and professionally Olena approached my application for Australian citizenship and how she maneuvered through complex aspects of my case. I am very pleased with the insight on the part of my migration agent. I am confident in the positive outcome in my case.

Dear Olena, thank you so much for acting in my case. You were very helpful and knowledgeable in handling my case at a time I needed someone to trust and help me. Your expertise was invaluable and your guidance and care of every aspect and detail were extraordinary.’

Australian Citizenship by Conferral
Tamara (Turkmenistan, Iran)


‘After consulting two immigration lawyers, I was convinced I couldn’t regain my Australian residency until I spoke to Olena at Australian Visas Immigration Consultancy. Olena worked very hard on my case and helped me regain my Australian PR. One year later, she helped me again to lodge my application for Citizenship. I found her highly dedicated and very efficient with great communication. It is with great confidence that I would recommend her services to anyone looking to apply for Australian citizenship.’

Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa – Australian Citizenship by Conferral
Alexandre (New Zealand, France)


‘I have known Olena now for 4 years. She helped me with my partner visa and permanent residency visa, almost achieving miracles. I have now appointed Olena to help me with my daughter’s visa subclass 101, who is still a dependent and my daughter’s situation is complicated and difficult. My daughter is stuck overseas. Olena once again is managing to manoeuvre through a complicated and difficult immigration system. I believe it is not only Olena’s understanding of the law but more so her desire and dedication to want to help which makes her so thorough and persistent in finding ways to achieve great results. I feel Olena is a clever migration agent who really cares and this I think makes her different to a lot of other lawyers and agents and people in general who do a job but don’t go that extra yard. I feel that this is what makes Olena successful in getting her results. Even after knowing Olena for over 4 years I don’t feel she has lost any desire to help even if the situation is hard. I would highly recommend Olena to anyone looking for a migration agent.’

Child (Subclass 101) visa
Maria (Russian Federation)


‘I work in Sydney as a Massage Therapist and contacted Olena with a request to help me with my employer-sponsored Subclass 482 visa. My occupation has a caveat (limitation) imposed and my employer was not sure if he could sponsor me for a work visa. After we contacted Olena, she explained to us how to deal with the caveat and what we should do to satisfy 482 visa criteria. I was very happy to know that there was a way out so we asked Olena to prepare and lodge our applications. From the beginning the work went very smoothly. Olena helped me and my employer to prepare all the required documents, guided us with clear and detailed instructions and was very very helpful and effective in answering our questions and solving the problems on the way. But what I like the most is that Olena is a very easy person to approach and deal with, she is down to earth, very friendly and with great communication skills. If ever you’re looking for someone to process your or your friend’s student or work visa, she’s the perfect person to do this job!!!.’

Temporary Skill Shortage visa (Subclass 482) – Occupation with a caveat
Olha (Ukraine)


‘Мы обратились к Елене Яремчук для получения бизнес визы. Остались довольны работой и результатом. У Елены грамотный, серьезный подход к делу с самого начала. Была проведена огромная работа по заполнению различной документации. В течение всего периода оформления, всегда оперативно отвечала на любые вопросы, давала рекомендации, какие документы необходимы и как они должны быть оформлены. Елена лучший агент и просто профессионал и мастер своего дела. Мы советуем Елену, как грамотного, ответственного специалиста.’

Travel Exemption on arrival to Australia – Business Visitor (Subclass 600) visa
Mila’s testimonials in Russian (Moscow, Russian Federation)


‘Initially we approached Olena with a request to help us to extend my wife’s and stepson’s visitor visas to let them stay in Australia longer while their offshore Partner visa application is being processed.

We needed professional help with this because my wife and stepson already spent more than 12 months in Australia on temporary visitor visas and we heard that the person cannot stay on visitor visas in Australia for more than 12 months. However, during the consultation we also found out that our offshore partner visa was lodged in Thailand with serious mistakes which can lead to a refusal decision in future because we hadn’t complied with the compulsory ‘time of application’ criteria. We were very stressed once we realised all that.

We are very grateful to Olena for her professionalism and how she could solve all our visa problems so that we got the best possible outcome in this complex case scenario. As my wife’s and stepson’s visitor visas were about to expire, Olena prepared and lodged their visitor visa applications and they were granted visitors visas as requested despite spending in Australia more time than it was allowed. After that Olena prepared and lodged their partner visa application which was not an easy one as well due to the complex character, custody and health issues involved.

Olena was in constant communication with the Department on all these issues, we had few case officers changed and replied to the numerous requests for more information and already didn’t believe that we could go through. But due to Olena’s professionalism and competence in February 2021 my wife and stepson finally were granted their temporary partner visas and were very lucky to stay all the time in Australia during this turbulent COVID times. We believe that without Olena’s help we won’t be where we are now with all our visas’ issues.’

Onshore Visitor (Subclass 600) visa – Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa – Character, Custody & Health Criteria
Phillip (Sydney, Australia), Nayitha & Narit (Thailand)


‘Olena is amazing! She is kind, knowledgeable and absolutely thorough. Her friendly and professional manner was exactly what my husband and I wanted when we used her services to apply for his spousal visa. My husband is Ukrainian and even though his English is great, I wanted him feel comfortable reading and understanding the requirements of a spousal visa. Anything he did not understand, Olena was always there to help and explain in Russian. We felt confident in her guidance and direction as we knew the process would be quite extensive and overwhelming but she made us feel at ease as we navigated our way through the immigration process pretty seamlessly. We could not have done it without her. I highly recommend Olena’s services.’

Offshore Partner (Subclass 309 / 100) visa – COVID19
Sophie (Melbourne, Australia)


‘I have done several visitor visa applications myself but in these uncertain COVID-19 times, I turned to AUVISA and Olena for help. Not only did she provide clear advice and information on the options, she speedily processed the application for my mother-in-law to stay in Australia, getting a Bridging Visa while the application is considered. … Very much appreciate your help on this – I was completely lost trying to understand what was and was not allowed by Immigration.’

Onshore Visitor (Subclass 600) visa – COVID-19
James (United Kingdom)


‘Olena was absolutely amazing to deal with. Within four days she was able to help sort out a complicated visa application and make sure that my partner and I were in Australia together. She’s shown that she can handle anything and without her, I don’t think it would be possible. I’ve already recommended two friends to her and would recommend her to everybody.’

Onshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa – COVID-19
Mihailo (Sydney, Australia)


‘Olena and the team have been fantastic to deal with. We came in January 2021 to her on short notice with a complex partner visa application and she was able to assist us where many other agents couldn’t. She was clear and concise with her information and very friendly to deal with. My partner and I are together and very happy that we chose Olena and AUVISA.’

Offshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa – COVID-19
Anna (Ukraine)


‘My name is Andrea. I have been in Australia for 5 years with my children, we came here and I fell in love with a wonderful man. We got married and I applied for our first New Zealand Citizen (Family Relationship) visa (subclass 461) visa. We lost almost 2 years sending documents and paying a lot of money to another lawyer. At the end, he told us “your children have to come back to Colombia because there was a complex custody matter, I cannot help you”. I was devastated.

My daughter had a friend at school and I met her grandmother. I was crying and very sad, I told her about my pain. She suggested I contact Olena as a migration agent. I met a loyal person, a wonderful mother and a truthful migration agent Olena. It was quick and safe, she took care of me, when I had questions I always felt free to ask even on weekends. And today I have got my Permanent Resident visa.

Olena in a short period of time made a miracle, the documents were prepared so quickly and with care. Olena emailed me today to say “Congratulations your visa is granted’, I was so happy to hear it. Olena, your loyalty and truthful work highly changed our life and future. I highly recommend Olena Yaremchuk ( as a migration agent.’

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Subclass 461) visa – Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa
Andrea (Colombia) & Alex (France, New Zealand)


‘This is not the first time that we contacted auvisa . Olena helped us with our visas several times and we continue to contact her due to her professional work. We contacted Olena regards our working visa (sponsor ship visa 457) and permanent residence visa (186). She put in a lot of effort and knowledge into our paperwork. Olena is very professional and very organized. It is very simple to communicate with Olena. We would highly recommend Auvisa to anyone that is struggling to find a good immigration agent.’

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457) – Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) visa
Vlad (Ukraine) & Vira (Ukraine)


‘Admirable work ethic! I’m impressed by your comprehensive knowledge, realistic assessment of potential outcomes and professionalism.’

Robert (Melbourne, Australia)


‘I couldn’t recommend Olena’s services highly enough. She is an absolute rockstar in immigration law, and the level of expertise and commitment is simply outstanding.
My case was quite a complex one, and I was unsure, if someone can help me at all, but first consultation with Olena filled me with confidence, that I finally met an honest and reliable immigration agent. To me, one of the biggest positives about her work was that she doesn’t feed you with unrealistic promises and wasting precious time, but rather offers solutions, which she is certain will work. I had only a few weeks to act and apply for a new visa before having to leave the country, and Olena worked her magic with collecting all the documents, submitted everything, and I was able to stay with my family. Polite, reliable, professional, punctual, fairly priced – don’t see the reason to look elsewhere.’

Condition 8503 Waiver – Schedule 3 Waiver – Manual Lodgement – Onshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa
Elena (Moscow, Russian Federation)


‘Обратилась к Елене Яремчук для получения гражданства. Осталась довольна работой и результатом. Серьезный подход к делу с самого начала. Ей пришлось писать и звонить по поводу моего собеседования, которое отменили из-за пандемии. Благодаря этому, успела пройти собеседование и сдать экзамен до изменений, которые вступают в силу после 15.10.2020 и вопросы будут дополнены. Также была проделана огромная работа по заполнению документов, и дана полная информацию по подготовке к собеседованию. В течение всего времени всегда оперативно отвечала на любые вопросы, давала рекомендации, где можно сделать перевод, и какие документы еще собрать. Если вы хотите избавить себя от бумажной волокиты и грамотно собрать все документы, то рекомендую вам Елену. Она – хороший агент и профессионал своего дела.’

Australian Citizenship by Conferral
Ekaterina (Russian Federation) in Russian


‘Our experience with Australian Visa Immigration Consultancy, Olena has been fantastic. The availability in answering all our questions and the fact of feeling always well followed in our extremely important path of changing our lives forever has been amazing. Thank you so much for all your help with our Visitor and Partner visa! You made us stress free and took away our worries, also you helped us explaining each stage of the partner visa process. You are very professional and at the same time easy to communicate. The personalised services made us feel special and cared about. We are very happy that we can be together and start a new life! Thank you for being patient with us and to our many questions and your prompt replies. We appreciate all you have done and would certainly recommend you to everyone we know.’

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) – Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa
Alla (Ukraine) & Luis (Australia, Portugal)


‘When Olena took my case on at the start it felt like the road was going to be long and hard with lots of complications.

Olena took it on without making it complicated and helped me to just get on with it. Olena was very organised and honest and looked at the different scenarios and outcomes, and her understanding of the situation helped keep things simple and in perspective.

Olena was always available and very helpful and nothing was ever too difficult. This is very unusual and it felt like she actually wanted to help rather than it just being a job. The steps that we were taken were smooth and well planned and very professional.

I was waiting for a temporary partner visa but amazingly Olena’s professionalism and understanding of the rules led instead to a permanent residency visa. Me and my partner would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with regard immigration, visas.’

Onshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa
Maria (Moscow, Russian Federation) 


‘Thank you so much, this is fantastic news! Thanks for all your help and assistance to get us to where we are.’

Onshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa
Ray (Sydney, Australia) & Trang (Vietnam)


‘Big thanks to Olena for everything. She is the best!

We had been looking for a migration agent for 6 months at least before we met Olena, all migrations agents told us that there is no chances for success for our protection visa because of dual citizenship, but Olena took our case and our protection visa application has been accessed as a valid (despite our dual citizenship!), and today our family has been granted a protection visa.’

Cancellation of Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457) – Onshore Protection (Subclass 866) visa
Ehsan (Iran) & Tamara (Turkmenistan, Iran) 


‘Я безумно благодарна Елене за проделанную работу по оформлению и подаче документов на партнёрскую визу. Работа выполнена очень профессионально! Елена всегда на связи и терпеливо отвечала на миллион моих вопросов, разжевывая каждую деталь. На данный момент ждём решения по партнёрской визе, но уже на руках bridging visa A, с идеальными на мой взгляд условиями – без каких либо ограничений на работу/учебу и с возможностью просить разрешения на выезд/въезд. B очередной раз убеждаюсь, как нам повезло с миграционным агентом! 10 из 10! Уровень клиентоориентированости высочайший. Спасибо, Елена. Буду вас рекомендовать друзьям!’

Onshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa
Ekaterina’s testimonials in Russian (Moscow, Russian Federation)

‘Olena assisted us with the visa application for my partner. She was very professional and versed since day one. She was very diligent answering all our questions throughout the process. She even had Skype sessions over the weekend with us. The fact at she could explain every step in Russian to my partner was key to make things smooth. Moreover, her advice led to a great outcome that we are very happy with. She is very resourceful and strives to provide best in class service to her clients. Thank you Olena, we highly recommend you to future clients.’

Onshore Partner (Subclass 820 / 801) visa
Diego (Australia, Mexico)


‘Hi there, my name is Olia. I have been in Australia for 7 years, came here as a student, really enjoyed. I met a great person, a wonderful mother and an amazing migration agent Olena in the time I was looking for someone who could help me with the working visa . It was 457 Visa, there Olena shows her professionalism and I loved working with her. It was quick and safe, she took care of me even to know if I need any questions, always feel free to ask. I have got my 457 visa I was happy with. 2 years later, I contacted Olena again, where she was working on my 482 Visa. I didn’t have much time , because wasn’t sure if I want to continue or not to work, but my boss is happy with me and my work so he wanted me to stay , and Olena in short time period made a miracle, the documents was prepared so quick and with care we applied for my further visa. In 2 weeks period Olena called me to say “congratulations your visa is granted’, I was so happy to hear it. I highly recommend Olena Yaremchuk as an agent and I will work with her in the future for sure.’

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457) – Temporary Skill Shortage visa (Subclass 482)
Olia (Ukraine)


‘Thank you for all your help in the past, we couldn’t have done it without you.’

Onshore Partner (Subclass 820/801) visa
Victoria (Sydney, Australia) & Richard (South Africa)


‘I originally applied for a visitor visa for my partner from Ukraine to visit Australia. We fulfilled all criteria asked for, yet the department knocked it back with no good reason and there are no avenues of communications possible to discuss the application with anyone. Frustrated with the system I engaged Olena ( to help lodge another application. Olena helped us navigate the system and was our voice in lodging complaints about the processing of the visa. Using Olena we successfully obtained a visitor visa for my partner to visit Australia for the first time. Olena was easy to deal with and answered all my questions I had on the process, I would recommend using Olena and I will be using her services for our future visa needs.’

Offshore Visitor (Subclass 600) visa
Andrew (Newcastle, Australia)