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Welcome to Australian Visa | Immigration Consultancy

You need to have the right visa to come to Australia.

There are around 100 different Australian visas available.

Why use a Migration Agent?

Each visa has conditions about what you can do in Australia. Having a visa to enter Australia does not automatically mean you can work, study or undertake other activities.

Australian Visa Immigration Consultancy (auvisa.com.au) will help you to choose the right visa whether you want to apply for yourself or to sponsor other person. We will make sure you apply for the visa that matches what you want to do in Australia, and that you are eligible to apply for that visa. We will help you to navigate through sometimes complex and challenging process of getting the visa.

Australian immigration law more than any other area of law is subject to frequent changes and interpretations. For that reason, Australian Visa Immigration Consultancy will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date immigration advice to empower you to make the right choice and to achieve your immigration goals.

What can we do FOR YOU?

We will be glad to represent you as your migration agent and provide the below services –

  • face-to-face, via Skype or over the phone consulting
  • full support from preparing your visa application for lodgement and till the decision is made on your application
  • communication with the Department on your behalf in your matter
  • urgent confidential advice on refusals and cancellations matters, bridging visas and being unlawful
  • full support from preparing your citizenship application for lodgement and till the decision is made on your application
  • professional advice and assistance on complex and challenging immigration matters
  • running appeals and reviews at the Administrative Appeals Tribunals

Don’t take a chance with your future! Call us TODAY on +61 4 9030 6632 or drop an email to info@auvisa.com.au

It is important to note that using an agent or lawyer for visa applications will not influence the outcome of applications or speed up the process. Also if you feel confident in managing you immigration application yourself, you can access the resources listed below.

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