New Temporary Parent Visa – Discussion paper released

The Department has released a discussion paper, introducing a new 5 year Temporary Parent Visa for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents. The new visa arrangement will commence on 1 July 2017.

The Government’s announcement stated that key requirements of a temporary parent visa would be as follows:

‘Limiting the burden on health care:

  • entry and stay is not to burden Australia’s health care system, and adequate private health insurance from an Australian provider must be obtained by the parent.


  • applicants are to be sponsored by their Australian child
  • there is to be a bond arrangement, based on the AoS scheme.

The visa application:

  • a concurrent migration application is not necessary
  • a stay period of up to five years will be provided
  • a visa holder can apply to renew their visa for further periods of up to five years at a time.’

The Government will announce full details of the new visa later in 2016.

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